Basic parts with "guess"
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Small class of the first semester, the children adapted to the kindergarten life just before long, their attention is not easy to lasting in activity, easy to disperse, activity of novelty, novelty way has strong curiosity.Therefore, in the early stage of the activity, I collected through various ways to many kinds of candy, candy jar, and made many materials to prepare for activities (candy house layout situation, production records, children's operating card, etc.).In addition, I also handed out questionnaires I like candy, class a children's hand, through the collection, to understand the cognitive level of the children of candy, made good matting for activities.


In the activity, I chose to use the game to stimulate young children's learning interest and thirst for knowledge, I through games, guided discovery method, direct method, operation, recording to arouse the enthusiasm of children's learning, enable children to take the initiative to learn.The outline points out: "teachers should guide the children in the process of doing experience to explore the process and method", therefore, the activities of the children first through perception, knowledge, ask questions, remember to clear understanding of the candy, and put forward new questions according to the activity (candy what shape?, fully using the existing experience to make a guess and assumptions, in with the problem by hand do to test their ideas, choose a candy, see through wrappers), on the basis of the observed facts technetium out of their own conclusions, this point really embodies the principle of children's subjectivity.

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