Basic parts with "guess" candy "catch candy"
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n the activity, I chose to use the game to stimulate young children's learning interest and thirst for knowledge, I through games, guided discovery method, direct method, operation, recording to arouse the enthusiasm of children's learning, enable children to take the initiative to learn.The outline points out: "teachers should guide the children in the process of doing experience to explore the process and method", therefore, the activities of the children first through perception, knowledge, ask questions, remember to clear understanding of the candy, and put forward new questions according to the activity (candy what shape?, fully using the existing experience to make a guess and assumptions, in with the problem by hand do to test their ideas, choose a candy, see through wrappers), on the basis of the observed facts technetium out of their own conclusions, this point really embodies the principle of children's subjectivity.


Beginning to situation "mother rabbit  opening" import, young children to participate in activities of interest was aroused and were happy to say he had eaten the candy and the most like to eat candy, evoked memories of their experience, look from this link, the class children's perception of the candy is very rich.Activities, therefore, is quite important that experience in material preparation and preparation, can improve the participation degree of the children.


Basic parts with "guess" candy "catch candy" series "taste of candy" series of game scene teaching process, to motivate the children's study enthusiasm.In the part of "guess candy", through the 'guess' - > 'validate', children curiosity satisfied, not only on the shape of a candy, soft hard also won a new understanding.Every child to grasp "candy" in the link, they can, on one hand (a) according to the requirements of the game, will grasp the candy to record the amount, the children are very happy, experience the joy of success."Taste of candy", children eat can eat chili after ginger sugar, most children can use language to express their feelings.When asked the children to close their eyes popping candy taste, more activity increased at the end of a kind of mystery, children while playing for fun.


In general, interlocking, progressive transformation activities link has inspired young children develop from guess reasonable imagination and language skills;Looking for hair method, from grasping development thinking;To experience pleasure from the taste.The whole festival teachers easily, like children.This gave me an inspiration: a small child activity design and the child's life more close to the more easy to attract children active learning.


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