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Each flavor represents a mood, sweet taste is always give a person a kind of beauty, happiness, pleasure.Sugar from the day became a close friend of human birth.Although today's health talent constantly talking about the sugar is the enemy of the fashion or fashion, but these it doesn't matter for us.At least in our eyes, candy represent a little surprise and happiness.


1, London: pig QQ sugar


White, red, pink, smiling pig face looks very cute.Recently, a technique called Percy pig candy defined by British VOGUE became the contemporary British fashion.The prototype of this kind of candy p sugar was born in the first world war, gel composition contains a pig.Manufacturers will modify a candy smiling pig face, in order to attract customers.Pig, of course, the taste of sugar is quite good, a fan said, eat the pig candy, the feeling of the tip of the tongue is like sucking of champagne.In Canada and other European countries have similar pig candy, but real Percy pig only sold in Britain Martha department store.


2, Hong Kong, Turkey, tendrils cake (tendrils sugar)


Hong Kong, China and Turkey have a called tendrils crisp candy, this kind of sugar called pishmaniye in Turkey, it is soft, fluffy, flour, sugar and oil, after a lot of stretching into fine sugar silk, and then made candy mold, melt in your mouth.In Turkey, tendrils sugar including many production process, called ice crisp under varieties of sugar is very conspicuous, a total of more than 8000 sugar of silk, then with coconut, peanuts and sesame seeds and so on.


Tendrils of sugar is not sweet, taste like old cotton candy, but fine silk sugar in your mouth, but you.


3, New Zealand: chocolate fish


Pineapple chunks on coated with a layer of chocolate, this is the New Zealand people favorite dessert.Another dinner favorite is chocolate fish.Was born in the 1950 s, this small dessert has been integrated into the life and culture of new zealanders, thank you if you are worth, they might just tell you, to give him a chocolate fish!Although the candy overwhelmingly popular in New Zealand, but cadbury can "the fish" exactly how.


4, Finland: salt, licorice


Finns pine tar has always been very cherish, because of their bold and unique hobby, a lot of people make candy to them.Salt licorice will definitely challenge your taste buds, including a large amount of ammonium chloride, don't think this is the kitchen disinfectant, this stuff is only a "cousin" edible salt, sodium chloride.Northern europeans also licorice to vodka or fish in salt to taste, sometimes also can let a pet monkey or pet a horse together taste.Taste the licorice, taste bud is an adventure travel, and salty and exciting.


5, Austria: Mozart sugar


Trademark issues about this kind of sugar, seem to have a long story.In the early 19th century, the vor, in charge of salzburg, Austria Mozart chocolate first developed, it was as a gift to the famous musician Mozart.Forget the registered trademark, overnight, same name candy suddenly hit with Austria and Germany.Orthodox salzburg Mozart chocolate ball surface is smooth, there is happy fruit sugar, almond filling in similar nougat sweet, crisp taste, is the mainstream of chocolate lovers love.


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