Wearing a suit occasion
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Office wear _ contracted, natural, tie eagerly anticipates the change

Office daily dress, in general, can be relatively simple, natural, with tie suit the changes of accessories such as balance grand feeling and sense of alienation, the distance between the closer with co-workers or subordinates, establish a unique personal style.

For younger managers can choose light color fastens suit, stripes, etc with a dark suit and clipping cultivate one's morality and XiuXianHua suit.If in a suit on the choice of the color is difficult to grasp, you can through the bright color such as pink, bright orange shirt and unique style of tie to ascend a dark grey suit of fashion.

For middle-aged managers, style of clothing should be composed of thering is no lack of vitality.Choose the color of the suit and avoid too much jump, with a narrow lead and the behind the design of double split decorate a slender figure, can make the color of the fittings such as tie, tie clip and cuff and design change be the highlight of the whole body.But it is important to note that there can be only one bright spot of the whole body.If you choose to set auger stickpin, do not match set auger cufflinks at the same time.

On Friday, may suit jacket off, jumper with pure color or cardigan collocation of white shirt advance kind of manager.

Business meeting dress _ composed, have qualitative feeling, cutting quality

In a business meeting, managers' dress not only on behalf of the managers themselves, also represents the service enterprises.Therefore, managers should choose your own figure, temperament and other characteristics of a suit.

Should this type of suit is given priority to with more traditional, concise design and decorative pattern, fabric should be more valuable material, cutting must be properly, do manual work is careful.In addition, the pants will be looser, a feeling, don't need too much emphasis on design.

Gray, blue suits are good choices to attend a business meeting.If you choose a dark blue suit, shirt and tie should use soft colors.One of the most important basic principle is the shirts and ties should use the same color.

Dark suit is not appropriate in a business meeting with bright color shirt or tie highlight fashion sense, and can be through the brightness of the different fabrics and emphasize the feel luminosity, or choose the same suit to highlight the low cut or color in different texture and brilliant design.

Business meeting basic cannot appear recreational shoe or modelling feeling too strong shoes, if not sure, you can choose to never go wrong with a black leather shoes.

Grand banquet dress _ simple, detail

For managers, the banquet is given priority to with business nature more, rather than the fashion party, so there was no shortage of clothing should be simple grand, avoid direct reference to the fashion show match.

Suit the style of the design feels stronger but must line and agile cut-out, window can fall on the use of fabrics and colors.Dark purple velvet material blazer, once color fastens with color deep suit pants, lining white shirt, with cream bow ties and scarves, is a kind of safe and bright eye way of dressing.

Although the tie doesn't make people at the party faux pas, but how many lose scores on fashion sense.Tie is suitable for a very grand banquet or older people, the silk scarf is more personalized and younger.

Even if already understand business occasions dress, managers often encounter some unpredictable scheduling.Avoid the embarrassment of dress is a basic method is in the office or the car placed different pattern and style of shirt, tie and various accessories., by simply changing the color of the shirt, accessories category and style, can quickly achieve the result of "drag", let the managers always in perfect image appeared in various occasions.


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