A suit with pocket towel
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* GE in CHANI Atlantic city in the early 1920 s in France "le havre" opened its first gentleman dress custom shop, by its exquisite craft, the design of the romantic, diverse styles, fancy clipping, upper class people at the time of popularity and recognition.

* 20 s GE in custom CHANI across the English channel to London MingJie Savile Row "Savile Row" to open a gentleman dress custom shop.

* s GE CHANI came to China, in Shanghai French plantation will start "suit custom shop", at that time, the customer is relatively fixed, custom YangFu embassy staff for all countries, government officials and some financiers.The early liberation, GE. CHANI, mong kok, Hong Kong set up "gentleman" men's dress shop.

* late 40 s, GE CHANI cultural and financial center in San Francisco in the United States open a "gentleman" dress custom department.Custom gentleman dress became "American glitterati slow life" a way.

* opened its branch in Singapore in 90

* "gentleman suit custom shop" in 96 and Japan open cooperation into Nagoya haute couture shop

* 2008 in the international financial crisis comes, GE. Return to Shanghai jie CHANI. Saini gentleman dress custom shop.Jay saini by its excellent exquisite craft combined with the trend of the contemporary Chinese , design for Chinese clients costumes, his personality and with the first-class service wholeheartedly for the customer service attitude.


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